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100-day Coaching & Mentoring Programmes

Board Whisperer® provides executive coaching and mentoring programmes to all leaders from Directors, through CxOs, executives and managers, to young graduates with high potential. Executive coaching helps leaders push their own boundaries to the benefit of their career and the advantage of the organisation.

The core of executive coaching consists in one-on-one coaching sessions, which are intensive and personalised. The initial phase is an in-depth evaluation of the needs and wants of the coachee. This is followed by clear goal setting (what is expected to be achieved through executive coaching). Goals must be stretching but achievable, measurable and relevant. During the sessions, acute listening and creative questioning aim at helping the coachees find a response to their own challenges. Each coachee is unique and the programme is tailored to the specific needs of the coachee and, where applicable, of the organisation.

To complement one-on-one coaching, it is often beneficial to “gel” the teams. For that purpose, group coaching, sharing and strategy sessions are offered; generally in the form of ½ day workshops.

All our executive coaches have extensive senior experience in business. They have “been there – done that” and came back... able of displaying a deep empathy with their coachees. Their vast business experience and formal education are combined with a passion for coaching. This makes each intervention unique and intensively enriching for the coachee.

Board Whisperer® coaches Directors and Boards to help them assume their full responsibilities in conformity with the relevant laws and codes. We facilitate the selection of the Chairman and the Directors to ensure balance and diversity. We provide induction and training for new Directors, who will then perform their fiduciary duty to ensure the long term health of their organisation, and demonstrate their independence of thought and primary loyalty to their organisation.

The 100-day framework

100-day is a family of coaching frameworks designed to be customised by coaches in order to meet the specific needs of each client and suit their own style and methods. These frameworks focus on transition and on development. They address recurring challenges faced by leaders and organisations.

  • Clients often expect rapid results. They therefore favour short programmes. An intensive three month appears to provide an ideal balance.
  • It is often appropriate to combine coaching with a large dose of mentoring.
  • In an age of increasing mobility, particular attention must be given to on-boarding and any transition, be it promotion or transfer to another branch or another country.
  • Elegant solutions are sought for leaders and staff “in the wrong position”; and consequently unhappy and performing badly.

    The 100-day family

    The 100-day topics grow with the needs and requirements of our clients. So far, our frameworks include the following topics:

  • Directing in the 21st Century
  • Becoming board-ready
  • Surviving promotions
  • 100-day honeymoon
  • Becoming a better boss
  • Quitting the job you hate
  • Your next career
  • Growing leadership
  • Independence day
  • Your very own framework… Tell us what your challenges are.

    Benefits to the organisation

  • Executive coaching has been proven to significantly increase the likelihood of successful transition and reduce the time required for on-boarding,
  • More energised and engaged leaders and staff, leading to a higher level of retention.
  • Limits the risk of messy terminations.

    Benefits to the coachee

  • Coachees will enjoy a higher level of professional wellbeing – faster.
  • Gives leaders the opportunity to redefine or confirm their career.
  • Experience has demonstrated that leaders who benefit from coaching achieve a better life balance, with time to think and time for themselves.

    The accountant’s corner

    A short programme of 10 to 12 sessions requires a relatively low financial commitment. It should be well within the development budgets of most organisations.

    In any event, as executive coaching has a proven return of 6 to 7 times the investment, no budget is needed.

    What is the real cost of replacing an employee – at any level? Studies have shown that replacing the tea lady actually costs US$3,500. And that does not take in account the mayhem caused by the absence of coffee when people arrive in the morning.

    The cost of replacing a senior executive is commonly put at 3 to 4 years’ salary. This is probably conservative as it may underestimate the serious wobble in the organisation caused by their departure. Furthermore, leaders tend to take their teams with them. This could be compared to a coaching programme costing between 3% and 5% of the total cost to company of the coachee.

    Typical framework

    This is but one illustrative example. Actual programmes are bespoke to the particular needs and requirements of the coachees and the organisations.

    Stage Description – How to become a better boss
    1-3 Self-awareness of your professional life. What you are very good / not too good at. What you love / hate. A personal SWOT analysis. Formulation of your dream job. Character strengths; how would they help you reach your dream job. Write your own operating manual. (If possible profile: DISC, Shadowmatch, …)
    4 Taking stock of the present. Personal alignment with the organisation’s purpose.
    5 Present challenges
    6 Managing yourself – achieving a balanced life
    7 Managing your boss.
    8 Becoming a teacher
    9 Managing your team for success; short term / long term
    10 Accelerate everyone
    11-12 Moving forward. (If necessary: exiting gracefully).
    After “Maintenance” sessions every 2 months for another 6 months.
    Monitor sustainability.
    Facing new challenges.

    Proposed format: weekly sessions of 60 minutes.

    In conclusion

    The diversity of today’s business life does not allow for fixed recipes. We are indeed proud of being able to tailor our coaching programmes to the specific needs of the coachees and we are able to adapt our approach and style accordingly. We offer our clients unity in diversity:

  • Unity in recognising the requirement for the coachee to become a corporate athlete in order to reach a successful career. We focus solely on business-related coaching.
  • Diversity in acknowledging the uniqueness of each client and his/her specific needs. We are well acquainted with gender differentiation and multiple cultures.