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Each client is unique and Coaching Executives will tailor the programme to your specific needs. Here is a typical executive coaching programme:

The core of executive coaching consists of one-on-one, weekly, 1-hour coaching calls. The coaching calls are intensive and personalised.

The initial phase is an in-depth evaluation of your needs and wants. This is immediately followed by clear goal settings (what you expect to achieve through executive coaching). Goals must be stretching but achievable, measurable and relevant.

During coaching calls, intense listening and creative questioning are aimed at helping you find a response to your own challenges. Several tools and techniques will be integrated into coaching call. These are often transparent to the client; the focus is on the journey and the destination.

Coaching sessions take place either in our offices or through Skype video calls.

In addition to continuous tracking during the programme, a formal evaluation of the achievement of the goals is done at the end of the programme.

A follow-up assessment is made two month after the end of the programme to ensure your satisfaction with the sustainability of the results.

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