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Board WhispererŽ makes young leaders board-ready, forms professional boards and boosts the performance of governing bodies.

We facilitate the selection of the chairman and the directors to ensure balance and diversity of thought. Corporate Governance programmes are individually tailored to impart clients with new insight, innovative approaches and proven strategies. Board WhispererŽ provides non-executive directors who mentor younger or less experienced directors.

Board WhispererŽ provides qualitative evaluation of boards with the aim of improving their performance.

Board WhispererŽ offers transition coaching, mentoring and facilitation for individuals and teams. Whether you want to give your career a serious boost, become board-ready, grow your enterprise beyond your wildest dreams, elegantly quit the job you hate or merely survive a promotion, mentoring is for you. Mentoring helps leaders push their own boundaries to the benefit of their career and that of the organisation.

Board WhispererŽ operates worldwide in English and French.

Board WhispererŽ is endorsed by the Good Governance Academy.

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